Cola Battista wine and its Franciacorta sparkling wine are produced according to a traditional method that makes them unique and special. Find them out at www.colabattista.it where you can buy wine online.
Franciacorta sparkling wine, Cola Battista wine, Buy wine online
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History of a wine, history of a passion

The Cola estate was founded in 1985 thanks to the commitment of Battista Cola, although he was alone in the family when it comes to a passion for vineyards and wine production. Battista’s father Giovanni had already begun cultivating vines in the Franciacorta zone back in 1945, the year in which, upon returning from the war, he found that through his wine he was able to rediscover the joy of the little things in life made with care, such as hand cultivating his vines and hand picking every bunch, producing wine according to age-old advice, and waiting during the slow passage of time needed to ensure that every Franciacorta sparkling wine is good. Battista cherished these precepts and was able to use them to turn the estate into an authentic wine producer: Cola winery. Today the estate is run by Stefano, Battista’s son, who, with the same dedication, produces bottles of wine and Franciacorta sparkling wine of the highest quality with their characteristic bouquet and inimitable taste.

The Franciacorta zone and wine: born from a deep bond with our land

The vineyards of the Cola estate cover approximately 10 hectares between the municipalities of Adro and Cortefranca, at the foot of Monte Alto. Here the grapes are still harvested by hand.  Although the Cola Battista winery has been able to reach the production of approximately 60-70 thousand bottles a year, the whole production cycle has kept its family style, and to this day, also thanks to the support of oenologists of the calibre of Alberto Musatti and Andrea Rudelli, our wines are becoming more highly acclaimed by experts with each passing year. The bottles of Franciacorta Cola sparkling wine encapsulate the attention which Stefano and Battista devote to the slow passage of time needed to ensure the production of a unique wine, the utmost expression of the territory, but above all, the attention paid to the care of the environment and the vineyard, which have always been given special consideration. 60% of the energy required to produce Cola wines, for example, is obtained thanks to a photovoltaic system, the very reason being to ensure that the vines can be protected over time and give future generations the gift of bubblies with that unmistakable taste.