Winery and vineyards
Franciacorta sparkling wines and Cola wines are produced with grapes cultivated in Franciacorta, Italy, following traditional production methods. Find out Cola sparkling wines and buy wines online at
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The winery

The Cola winery is situated in Adro, but the real story and the quality behind every single bottle starts a little way away in the vineyard. It is here that the grapes needed to produce Franciacorta sparkling wines are harvested – still by hand even today – and from year to year Battista and Stefano personally deal with the care of the vines, because it is thanks to the grapes that wines with such unmistakeable and noble characteristics can be obtained, the fruit of passion and hard work.

The care of the vines

It is in the vineyard that the quality necessary to make every glass of Franciacorta Cola sparkling wine unique is created and cultivated, this is why it is vital for the Cola estate that it receives all the necessary care and attention. The 10 hectares of vineyard are cultivated according to the precise rules of sustainable agriculture, which enable the grapes to grow according to the rhythms of nature, until they fully reach the right balance between sugar and acids before being picked by expert hands during the harvest.

The production

Thanks to the consulting and support of oenologists Alberto Musatti and Andrea Rudelli, the Cola winery has been able to achieve high levels of quality while respecting the traditional production method which has always been its distinguishing feature. Every bottle is monitored throughout all the production processes, from the grape harvest to the disgorgement, from bottling to arranging the bottles in their packaging, because it is through commitment and dedication that you can obtain a wine able to thrill.

The resting period

Every bottle needs time to be transformed into a real Franciacorta sparkling wine: positioned to enable them to rest in the best possible way, regularly turned, one by one, by hand, so that the wine becomes excellence characterized by an refined, clean taste.


The sale of their Franciacorta sparkling wines is dealt with directly by the Cola family themselves; the wines are available for purchase at the estate in Adro. Tours and wine tastings are also organized to allow everyone, not just connoisseurs, to savour and gain an in-depth understanding of the unique taste of the family’s wines. Moreover, an on-line shop * has recently been set up where it is possible to purchase Franciacorta Cola sparkling wines and have them easily delivered to your door.

* for Italy only